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Milwaukee, United States

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Age: 43


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I am a lovely and humble, good christian background lady,5'8 inched height and has a moderate weight.My sense of humor is nice and lovely.I love to do exercise when i am free and go to beach to receive the good sunset.I like to cook and make my partner to be happy with good dish.I like to share things with my partner and hold arms with him not only in the house but so when we are having a nice romantic trek around the corners.My Charity job is so flexible to have nice time with my love.We always at work give training on HIV/AIDs,Malaria prevention,Charity Homes for the destitute,homeless and motherless babies.I wish to have a partner that will love to care about 
people's life too.

I am here to meet my companionship who is ready to love and have passion for me all the time.My love should be caring ,romantic,affectionate and have time for me .My love should not be a person that like to cheat on ladies or who has cheated lady(s) before in his life.I CANT WAIT TO MEET YOU HERE
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